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We understand the importance of identifying and correcting hazards, so we are equipped with the technology to keep your management in touch with your worksite. Using our Safety Portal, you can log in online and see information received from the field to identify hazards or trends that need correction. Your company management can read observations with descriptions and photos.

Using the online Dashboard, you will see training records for Confined Space, Lockout/Tagout, Fall Protection, Flagger Control, Work Zone, Forklift, GHS, HAZWOPER, OSHA 10 or 30 Hour, Scaffold or Steel Erection, Rigging, and Trenching & Excavation to name a few. Your Dashboard also includes OSHA Audit records and Accidents reports.

We meet the highest levels of OSHA qualifications, so that we have a well trained workforce that can assist your company to have the best workplace safety & health environment. Our approach to safety awareness can be customized for your company to help you achieve your goals to make safety a priority. ESC offers trained safety professionals who can be contracted for long term projects or can performed regular scheduled inspections.

Latest News

Fall hazards net roofing contractor over $1.5 million in OSHA fines story by Kristen Beckman from Business

A Florida roofing contractor faces penalties of more than $1.5 million for 14 safety violations and has been placed in OSHA's Severe Violator Enforcement Program. Great White Construction was cited for failing to protect workers from dangerous falls.

OSHA observed employees removing shingles from the roof of a multistory building without the use of proper fall protection equipment.

They wore harnesses, but were not tied off. A second inspection at a separate site observed employees working under similar conditions. OSHA said the company has an "extensive prior history of violations," which resulted in 11 separate willful citations.

OSHA said it has investigated the company 12 times since 2012, resulting in 22 citations. "In the past five years, Great White Construction repeated violations has demonstrated indifference towards the safety of their employees.
  Aluminum Services LLC Racks Up $1.9 Million in OSHA Penalties story by Stefanie Valentic from

An aluminum manufacturing company is facing nearly $2 million in fines after OSHA discovered 51 violations. OSHA cited Aluminum Services LLC finding that two employees were hospitalized as a result of two separate incidents.

"Aluminum Shapes extensive list of violations reflects a workplace that does not prioritize worker safety and health," says Robert Kulick, OSHA's regional administrator. "The company can more effectively protect its workers by implementing a comprehensive safety and health management system."

The first worker experienced chemical burns after entering a tank containing dehydrated sodium hydroxide, aluminum oxide and decomposed metal. Despite employees reporting they were experiencing chemical burns to their skin, the workers were directed to re-enter the tank, suffering further injuries.

The second incident occurred when a machine operator suffered a broken pelvis after being caught between the unguarded moving parts of a metal fabrication machine.

The crane driver jumped three meters from the cabin when he felt it going over.

Luckily nobody was injured as the concrete slab came crashing to the ground.

Technicians are now carrying out an on-site inspection to work out what happened.

It is thought there was a malfunction with the crane.

The right equipment to get the job done safely
Training is a vital part of any safety program and ESC has a publication that will help your company meet its responsibility. Each issue offers an in depth study of regulations which makes it an indispensable part of your weekly training.

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