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We understand the importance of identifying and correcting hazards, so we are equipped with the technology to keep your management in touch with your worksite. Using our Safety Portal, you can log in online and see information received from the field to identify hazards or trends that need correction. Your company management can read observations with descriptions and photos.

Login into your Dashboard and see training records for Confined Space, Lockout/Tagout, Fall Protection, Flagger Control, Work Zone, Forklift, GHS, HAZWOPER, OSHA 10/30 Hour, Scaffold or Steel Erection, Rigging, and Trenching & Excavation. Your Dashboard also includes Pre-Construction meetings, OSHA Inspections records and Accidents records.

We meet the highest levels of OSHA qualifications, so that we have a well trained workforce that can assist your company to have the best workplace safety & health environment. Our approach to safety awareness can be customized for your company to help you achieve your goals to make safety a priority. ESC offers trained safety professionals who can be contracted for long term projects or can performed regular scheduled inspections.

Latest News

OSHA fines spike on penalty overhaul
story by Gloria Gonzalez from Business

Average fines assessed by OSHA for serious workplace safety violations rose significantly in 2016 after the agency revamped its penalty structure. OSHA was directed to revisit their civil monetary penalties by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015. The Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvements Act of 2015 allowed OSHA to increase its fines by up to 78% as of Aug. 1, 2016.

From Aug. 2 to Dec. 31, 2016, the average penalty for serious violations increased to $5,087 from $3,285. The fines were significant for large employers defined as having more than 250 employees with average penalties for serious violations rising from $5,915 to $10,065. In January, OSHA again adjusted these penalties based on the Consumer Price Index, meaning that the maximum fine faced by employers for willful and repeat OSHA violations rose to $126,749 while the maximum penalties for serious and other-than-serious citations increased to $12,675.

The rule, which went into effect in 2015, kept a mandate that all workplace fatalities be reported within eight hours, but added a new requirement that employers report the hospitalization of a single employee rather than three or more employees as previously required as well as all amputations and loss of an eye within 24 hours.

The agency responded to 73% of the hospitalization reports and 51% of the amputation reports filed last year by asking employers to conduct their own incident investigations - known as rapid response investigations - and propose remedies to prevent future injuries rather than sending OSHA inspectors to the scene.
  Roofing company fined $645,000
story by Kristen Beckman from Business

America 1st Roofing & Builders Inc. faces $645,540 in fines for 21 safety violations related to exposing workers to potential falls and other hazards. Nine willful violations were issued to the company related to fall protection equipment and work plans for employees working 10 or more feet of the ground, including for one instance where an employee was observed working unprotected at 32 feet off the ground, according to the statement.

The agency said the company has been cited for repeat-serious violations of fall protection rules at least six times during the past three years. Falls are the leading cause of construction worker deaths and hospitalizations, and yet they're completely preventable by using proper fall protection and following safe work practices.

In addition, the company also received citations for unsafe ladder use, failure to conduct walk-around safety inspections, not requiring hard hats when working under overhead hazards, scaffold safety violations, failure to have an accident prevention program and not supplying a first-aid-trained employee on worksites.The company has appealed the fines, the agency said. Representatives from America 1st Roofing & Builders were not immediately available to comment.

The right equipment to get the job done safely
Training is a vital part of any safety program and ESC has a publication that will help your company meet its responsibility. Each issue offers an in depth study of regulations which makes it an indispensable part of your weekly training.

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